Full Staking Node

This is a quick guide on how to setup a full Vaporum Coin staking node utilizong all of the 64 segID addresses possible.

Requirements to run the node

  • Enterprise class (recommended) linux server that is able to run 24/7. Following setup tested on ubuntu 18/04 server but may work on other versions.

      • minimum specifications should be 4 cores, 120gb hdd, and a minimum of 4gb ram (8gb recommended)

      • Security and backup. This staking node will be holding coins, make sure it is secure and has proper backups.

      • coins: Since you are staking you will need a decent number of coins for this setup. Coins are distributed across 64 segID addresses, you should have enough coins to distribute evenly to these 64 addresses.

      • CLI commend line experience.

Recommend you start with small amount of your coins to ensure staking node is operational and functioning as it should before large amounts of coins are moved over.

The following assumes your server is operational

Install Vaporum Coin Daemon

  • Log into server terminal using SSH, or start terminal on machine.

  • Intal needed dependencies

sudo apt-get install build-essential pkg-config libc6-dev m4 g++-multilib autoconf libtool ncurses-dev unzip git python python-zmq zlib1g-dev wget libcurl4-gnutls-dev bsdmainutils automake curl libsodium-dev

Clone and Build Vaporum Coin

# Clone the VaporumCoin repo

git clone https://github.com/VaporumCoin/vaporum.git --single-branch

# Change master branch to other branch you wish to compile

cd vaporum


./zcutil/build.sh -j4

# Change -j4 to specify the number of cores to use. ex: -j2

# This can take some time.

Setup Vaporum Coin

Change directory to vaporumcoin

cd vaporum/src

Start new screen for vaporumcoin deamonpendencies

screen -S vaporum

Start vaporumcoin


Vaporum coin daemon will startup and begin syncing.

To exit this screen use ctrl + A + ctrl +D to exit screen. you can return to this screen at any time but typing screen -r vaporum

Type ./vaporumcoin-cli getnewaddress to get a new vaporum address.

You fund your Vaporum staking node by sending funds to this address.

Check to see if vaporum is fully sync'd by typing ./vaporumcoin-cli getinfo when the node is fully sync'd it will read true under sync.

You will also use command above to check the balance of the staking node.

Install pos64staker

  • Intal needed dependencies


sudo apt-get install python3-dev

sudo apt-get install python3 libgnutls28-dev libssl-dev

sudo apt-get install python3-pip

pip3 install setuptools

pip3 install wheel

pip3 install base58 slick-bitcoinrpc

Clone pos64staker and enter directory

git clone https://github.com/KMDLabs/pos64staker

cd pos64staker

Setup pos64staker

Run the genaddresses script to create your 64 addresses


It will ask you to specify which chain you want to stake with. Type VPRM at prompt.

Please specify chain:VPRM

This will then create a list.json file in the current directory (/home/pos64staker)


Copy the list.json file to the directory vaporumcoin is located in.

cp list.json ~/vaporumcoin/src/list.json

Open the list.json file so you can retrieve your pubkey.

nano list.json

Copy /paste the pubkey of the first segID to a txt file so you can use it later.

Use ctrl + x to exist file.

Distribute your vaporum to all 64 addresses


Specify VPRM as your chain and decide on the size and amount of UTXOS to send.

Best you try to use all the whole balance you sent to vaporum node.


Please specify chain:VPRM


Please specify the size of UTXOs:9

Please specify the amount of UTXOs to send to each segID:2

Please review what is being asked here:

The above example will send 1152 coins in total. It will send 18 coins in 2 UTXOs (9 each) to each of the 64 addresses (segIDs) - ((9*2)*64)=1152

It will give an error if you enter amounts more than you balance. It will tell you how much available you have for each segID

Launch Vaporumcoin

change directory to vaporum/src

cd && cd vaporum/src

Stop the running vaporum coin daemon.

./vaprorumcoin-cli stop

resume the vaporum coin screen

screen -r vaporum

restart the vaporumcoin chain with -pubkey and -blocknotify parameters.

./vaporumcond -pubkey=<pubkey_from_list.json> '-blocknotify=/<path_to>/pos64staker/staker.py %s VPRM'

Make sure to replace <pubkey_from_list.json> with pubkey you copied earlier from the list.json file.

Make sure to replace <path_to> in -blocknotify= with the correct path to the staker.py script file. Example /home/$USER/pos64staker/staker.py

Use ctrl + A + ctrl + D to exit screen

Enable staking

./vaporumcoin-cli setgenerate true 0


Your Vaporum coin staking node should be finished and staking

To verify you are staking type

./vaporumcoin-cli getgenerate

you are looking for "staking": True,

for staking info type

./vaporumcoin-cli getbalance64

After some time you balance will begin to grow, to see type

./vaporumcoin-cli getinfo

As blocks are staked and you ern more coins, pos64staker will distrubute the new coins to each of your 64 segID addresses.

Note: If you stop vaporumcoin at all for updated, reboots etc. simply follow the steps from Launch Vaporumcoin to start staking again.


If you'd like to withdraw funds from the staking node without messing up the 64 segID distribution do the following


cd && cd pos64staker



It will walk you through the withdraw steps.

If you have issues running ./withdraw.py returning Permission denied. Run chmod +x withdraw.py to fix the permission.