Vaporum Coin (VPRM)


Vaporum Coin is an open-source, privacy currency that allows for UTXO smart contracts, dApps, Fungible and Non Fungible (NFT) tokens, 50/50 hybrid POW/POS with fast transactions. Its purpose is to bring the latest blockchain technology along with some common sense implementations to Peer-to-Peer transactions. Built on the Komodo platform, along with our in house developers we are working to implement many great ideas!

September 29, 2022 Launch Date

Why Komodo platform blockchain: Komodo platform is always evolving, from DPoW to smart contracts and NFT’s. The future development and innovation on the platform will be a springboard for future Vaporum Coin in-house technologies.

Why Equihash (200,9): Solid, secure algorithm with a track record and great privacy. This will allow newcomers to mining with no knowledge of how to setup mining farms, or special rigs. Allow a chance to purchase older ASIC equipment and be part of a community.

What is “Vaporum”: Vaporum ref’s Mare Vaporum “Sea of Vapors” a dark plain in the first quadrant and near the center of the face of the moon. In the top right of the mare is the crater of Manilius. For eternity mankind has looked up at the moon, focused on this bright spot, and wondered what the future will bring. 


Development is ongoing since we just launched, but in the works we have custom QT wallets, Atomic Dex, modern pool development, exchange listings, mobile wallets, message app, etc..